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Spanish Fans, Lace Mantillas, Flamenco Shoes, Flamenco Dance Accessories, Castanets, Wedding Veils, Peinetas (Spanish Hair Combs)and Gifts Imported from Spain. We have everything you need for your Latin Wedding or Fiesta!

Lands Far Away is committed to providing a selection of exceptional quality authentic Spanish Imports. After spending years searching for the best products of each region in Spain, we have selected only those artisans who meet our highest standards. Our mission is to provide you the highest quality Spanish imports. We travel to Spain at least two times per year to visit the manufacturers so that our product meets our expectations. All products are made in Spain.

Spanish Fans (abanicos) Fans to use, Fans for dance, Fans for Brides, Fans for decoration, Quinceañeras, fabric Lace Fans for all occasions, Fans for parties and any Spanish celebration. Latin Festivities. Spanish Lace veils, Church veils, Chapel veils, Lace Head coverings. Triangular lace mantillas Bridal mantillas, Long lace mantillas, rectangular Lace Shawls Wedding lace mantillas. Peinetas (Hair Comb) for the Bride, Peinetas para Novia Spanish wedding accessories Party Favors, Souvenirs. Embroidered silk shawls, Manton, Bridesmaid shawls, triangular shawls solid colors, Picos embroidered or plain color. Flamenco Leather Dance shoes for men and Women, Flamenco accessories, Flamenco earrings, Spanish Peinetas (hair combs) Flowers for the hair, Fringe. Castañuelas (Castanets) Castanets (Percussion Instrument) for beginner student, intermediate, advanced and professional dancer. Wood Castanets, Press Canvas (tela prensada) and Fiberglass, (Fibra). Castanets sold Wholesale for shops and schools, Castañuelas sold retail, Wholesale & discounts. Flamenco traditional polka dot dresses, Flamenco costumes. Party Favors and Gifts. Flamenco skirts, for dance practice or performing.. Peinetas Spanish Hair combs sold Wholesale and retail, Peinetas Mayoreo para escuelas de baile y fiestas. Flamenco Videos, Basic of Flamenco, How to play Castanets… Spanish Porcelain dolls, Spanish plastic dolls. Special Damascene Jewelry from Toledo Spain, made by hand.  Wooden Fans, Hand painted Fans, Printed Fans, Collectors Fans all made in Spain. All you need for your authentic Spanish celebration, Latin Fiesta, Halloween & Christmas Gifts. Wholesale and Discount Prices available.

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Wholesale Spanish Fans, Abanicos, Shawls, Wholesale Chapel Veils, Latin Head Coverings, Mantillas, Manton, Veils, Lace Mantilla, Wholesale Peinetas, Bridal Hair Combs, Flamenco Accessories, Quinceañera, Gifts, souvenirs, castanets, party Favors, Lace Shawls, Embroidered Silk Shawls, Bridesmaid Shawls, Spanish Wedding Accessories, Picos Wholesale Castanets, Castañuelas, Combs, Wholesale Peinetas (hair combs), Flamenco Earrings, Flowers, Dance Shoes, Flamenco Costumes, Spanish Dolls, Videos, CD's, Fringe, Damascene Jewelry, Wholesale Victorian Fans, Jewelry. Everything you need for your authentic Latin celebration or fiesta. Wholesale and discount prices available.